10 Jobs For Computer Science Students (2024)

10 Jobs For Computer Science Students

Want to pursue a job in tech? Here are some job options for you and your computer science degree.

From the newest phone apps to the next hottest tablet or phone, there’s no avoiding the buzz that surrounds tech culture.

As future-forward as they sound, these advancements come directly from real people who are creating revolutionary, diverse systems.

If you find yourself analyzing the latest and greatest tech releases, dreaming up your own tech creations, or even coming up with solutions to make current products better, then you might want to consider a career in the computer science field.

Even if you didn’t major in computer science, there are many options that might excite you including the top industries hiring tech majors.

Computer Science Skills

When working in a field that changes and adapts constantly, being well-versed in problem-solving is a must.

There will be times when the unit test of your code doesn’t go through successfully, or you have a long sprint to completing your next goal.

In these situations, your flexibility and skill in working through a pressing problem will come in handy.

Critical thinking is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when contemplating skills for computer science-oriented jobs; many roles in this field require lots of looking at screens, mulling over numbers, and testing code.

It’s key for somebody in this field to be capable of understanding all sides of a problem–to analyze and edit things like a machine.

However, a sense of creativity will also help you fully tap into your role. Once you’ve got the analytical side of the equation down, the drive to generate exciting, new ways of doing things is absolutely vital to great computer science work!

Ahead, check out the 10 Jobs For Computer Science Students (2024) — and anyone else interested in the CS field.

1. Software Developer

Software Developers are tasked with creating and developing websites, programs, and other applications that run on computers or other devices.

Skills: A strong background in computer programming is highly recommended for these positions. Interpersonal skills to collaborate with others on projects and being detail oriented to be able to juggle multiple aspects are also highly valued.

Salary: Around $105,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Web Developer

Web Developers are programmers that are concentrated on coding, designing, and building out the layout of a website.

Skills: Knowledge of HTML/CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages is essential for this role. It’s also important to have knowledge of graphic design and a collaborative mindset while working with other designers on projects.

Salary: Around $69,000.

3. UX Designer

UX Designers are in charge of creating significant and relevant experiences for users of a particular product or platform. They’re part of the reason why you love your favorite apps and their interfaces.

Skills: Knowledge of programming and computer systems can greatly aid your success in this role–this expertise makes it easier to translate your design vision to your team. Additionally, it helps if you’re well-versed in user empathy, which allows you to see the product as the future users would and adjust accordingly.

Salary: Around $74,000.

4. Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers are similar to Web Developers, except their area of expertise is creating, coding, and testing for mobile applications.

Skills: Besides the basics of strong analytical skills and coding knowledge, it’s good to know both programmatic languages—Java (for Androids) and Objective-C (for iPhones)—for sake of range.

Salary: Around $69,000.

5. IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers are in charge of planning, budgeting, and basically running an organization’s IT goals and initiatives.

Skills: Strong leadership skills are vital in this role. As the IT Project Manager, you will be responsible for not only heading up a team, but guiding, hiring, and making decisions for the interest of all.

Salary: Around $142,000.

6. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts are in charge of implementing systems of safety and protecting a company’s computer networks.

Skills: Being meticulous and detail-oriented in your work is mandatory for success in this role, as a whole organization’s security is on the line. Being able to predict outcomes and adjust security accordingly is also key.

Salary: Around $98,000.

7. Systems Architect

Systems Architects analyze a company holistically and figure out how to bring the best possible IT strategy for their department’s goals. They define and design the architecture of said system to create the highest quality experience possible.

Skills: To succeed as a Systems Architect, you need the ability to critically analyze the objectives of a business and identify the scale of resources it will require on all sides. Being able to troubleshoot, assess, and translate customer needs is also good to have.

Salary: Around $109,000.

8. AI Engineer

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineers create, test, and develop computer systems with a goal of mimicking human intelligence in said systems.

Skills: Programming is at the heart of this role,, alongside a strong understanding of software development, linear algebra, probability, and statistics.

Salary: Around $144,000.

9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing, researching, developing, and building computer systems and components like chips, memory devices, and circuit boards.

Skills: You need solid technical and analytical skills, and a strong spirit of collaboration when working with software developers on developing projects.

Salary: Around $114,000.

10. Video Game Developer

These developers are the coding heroes behind the games you play in your free time. They code on various systems and conceptualize with other developers to create playable games.

Skills: Storytelling skills, along with the ability to conceptualize both plot and design, are key to this role. It’s valuable to have a vision and ideas for executing it well, not simply know the programmatic language.

Salary: Around $65,000.

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