10 Entry Level Computer Science Jobs for Students to Explore

###Fluct End###You’re passionate about computers and technology, but you may be wondering how to convert that passion into an entry-level computer science job.

You’re in luck because computer science is an exciting career with many different paths to take.

Most entry-level computer science jobs require a bachelor’s in computer science, but the projects you could be working on vary widely.

How Do I Get My First Job in Computer Science?

Your first step to your first computer science job is to start today! First, learn more about programming to determine whether it’s something you would enjoy.

There’s a saying: if you find a job you love, you don’t have to work another day in your life. If you think programming is fun, experiment with other fields of computer science.

Once you reach college, enroll in computer science courses to deepen your knowledge. From there, get some real-world experience with an internship – a short-term job intended to learn and give you a taste of the real world.

Before Looking for a Computer Science Internship.

Before looking for an internship, make sure you have a solid foundation of computer science fundamentals.

Unlike a traditional job interview, many computer science job and internship interviews include coding live in front of an interviewer.

Familiarize yourself with a popular text-based programming language such as Python, Javascript, or Java. Understand all the different features of that language: variables, conditional statements, loops, strings, arrays/lists, and dictionaries.

Certain jobs may also look for other skills, such as experience with certain technologies, math concepts, or design programs.

Start your applications early, apply to as many companies as possible, and don’t be discouraged by bad interviews or rejections!

Computer Science Experience to Get Before Looking for a Job

When looking to find someone for a full-time job, hiring managers want to know how you can contribute to their teams right away.

Previous internship experience proves you understand how to write code in a real-world environment.

Sample projects or contributions to open-source projects also demonstrate your ability to produce quality code.

Also, keep in mind that you’re joining a team of other programmers so in addition to the programming skills, you also need to communicate well, demonstrate leadership, and be open to feedback.

What kind of Job Can You Get with a Computer Science Degree?

There are all kinds of jobs you can get with a computer science degree.

While two people may have both graduated with a computer science degree, one could be designing characters for video games while the other could be building self-driving cars.

Computer science jobs are everywhere – you may not even realize fields like medicine, government, or film need computer science majors.

Discover Great Entry-level Computer Science Jobs

Here we will outline 10 Entry Level Computer Science Jobs for Students to Explore.

1. AI / ML / Data Science jobs

Engineers who work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science develop algorithms to enable computers to think on their own and analyze data.

Examples of what AI / ML engineers or data scientists work on are the brains behind self-driving cars, the recommendations behind online shopping, and the predictions behind stock market trading. Many types of companies hire in this field, everyone from Amazon to YouTube.

These types of engineers often work with mathematicians to refine these algorithms. While this field usually requires a Master’s or even PhD in computer science or mathematics, you can get started today by learning AI for kids for younger students or AI machine learning for more advanced students.

Python is the most popular language used for AI and Data Science, strong Python skills are required.

2. Biotech computer science jobs

Biotech engineers work on software that helps with medical or pharmaceutical applications. They work on the algorithms that sequence DNA, discover new vaccines, or assist doctors with surgery.

Pharmaceutical or medical technology companies hire this kind of role, including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, the major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers in the United States.

Biotech engineers often collaborate with doctors, chemists, and biologists. Many biotech software engineers have computer science degrees but can also have other biology and chemistry-related engineering degrees.

Get started today in biotech by learning more about computational biology.

3. Cloud computing/cybersecurity jobs

The internet doesn’t just work on its own – there are thousands of people behind the scenes who help maintain and secure the internet.

Those people are cloud computing and cybersecurity engineers – they design computer systems that can scale to millions of users while being secure. Since everything is on the internet nowadays, all types of companies and even government agencies want cloud computing and cybersecurity experts.

These kinds of engineers mainly work with other types of engineers and have a bachelor’s in computer science or information technology (IT).

Begin learning about this key field today by learning about coding websites for kids, and then learn more with fascinating cloud computing classes!

4. Digital design / UI jobs

Who designs the awesome graphics of your favorite video game? Who decides what buttons are placed where on a website? Who is behind why fantasy worlds look so real in movies? The answer: digital designers.

They work on how software looks and how users interact with software. All kinds of companies hire digital designers, most notably video game developers, movie animation studios, and websites.

Designers work with other engineers and have a wide range of backgrounds.

While many digital designers have a formal visual arts or computer science background, the more important factor when hiring a digital designer is their portfolio of work.

Begin building your portfolio today with virtual digital design courses!

5. Hardware engineering jobs

“Hardware” does not refer to what you will find at the hardware store. Hardware engineers design and build the computer chips, sensors, and other physical components of the devices we use everyday.

The names on your favorite devices, such as your Apple or Microsoft, hire hardware engineers to design their next products.

They work with other types of engineers and often have at least a bachelor’s in computer engineering or electrical engineering.

Unlike other jobs, we discuss, a computer science degree is actually not that common in this field since computer science studies software, not hardware.

6. Game development jobs

What a game developer works on is self-explanatory: write the code behind video games.

The variety of skills required for game development is not self-explanatory, however: graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, hardware, cloud computing, and mobile development to name a few! Video game companies large and small hire game developers.

Some non-mainstream video games, called “indie games”, are developed by a single person! If you’re not working solo, expect to work with other types of software developers and digital designers.

Many professional game developers have a computer science background but there are also game developers who work on games as a hobby.

Develop your new hobby with Scratch classes for kids for newer students, Minecraft coding for kids or Roblox coding classes for intermediate students, or Unity for kids for advanced students!

7. Mobile development jobs

A mobile developer built all the apps on your phone. Mobile developers often specialize between iPhone app development or Android app development, but there are also ways to create apps for both types of phones easily.

Any company that has mobile apps hires mobile developers, but many individuals work on mobile apps on their own as a hobby, similar to indie video games.

If you’re working in a group, mobile developers often work with digital designers to build how the app looks. Many professional mobile developers have a computer science background but it’s also super easy to get started building your own mobile apps without a fancy degree.

Try out Thunkable-based coding mobile apps for intermediate students or Java for kids for advanced students!

8. Robotics jobs

Aside from mobile apps, a different kind of “Android development” is robotics engineering. Robotics engineers design, build, and program robots.

Robots are everywhere – they build our cars in factories, help doctors perform surgeries in hospitals, and explore new worlds in space!

The wide range of applications for robots means a wide range of companies hire robotics engineers. Day to day a robotics engineer may work with hardware engineers or AI engineers.

Robotics engineers often have a master’s in computer science and/or mechanical engineering.

Learn robotics from the comfort of home without buying a fancy robotics kit with Create & Learn’s Junior Robotics course for younger students or Robot Adventures course for older students!

9. Web development jobs

Everything has a website nowadays, and web developers are the people who build websites. Any company that has a website works with web developers.

They often work with digital designers to determine how the website looks and cloud computing engineers to decide how to publish and secure the website.

Web developers often have a bachelor’s in computer science but can learn the skills needed through online courses.

Take the best online web development course designed for kids with the Build Your Web course!

10. Teaching computer science

There’s a saying that says, “give someone a fish and feed them for a day. Teach someone how to fish and feed them for a lifetime.”

Similarly, a single coder can only write so much great software, but if you can teach others how to code, imagine how much great software can be produced! That’s the magic behind teaching computer science.

Computer science teachers cater to all ages that need to learn computer science – everyone from kindergarten to adults.

The grade level you teach determines the level of education. If you’re teaching college students cutting-edge artificial intelligence, you should have a Ph.D., of course, but if you’re teaching young kids basic Scratch, a Ph.D. is not necessary.

Computer science education can be a full-time job working at a college or school, but it can also be a part-time job.

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