How To Get A Job In Luxembourg From Nigeria 2024

With one of the highest minimum incomes and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, Luxembourg is among the richest nations on the planet.

For most individuals, landing a job in Luxembourg is a dream come true since it offers the opportunity to work with some of the brightest brains on the planet and earn astronomically high salaries.

Some of the largest corporations in the world are based in Luxembourg, and they are always looking to hire talent from across the globe to maintain their competitive advantage and to have a steady stream of fresh approaches and ideas to outperform their rivals.

Because businesses in Luxembourg are constantly eager to hire the best candidates, it is necessary to have a CV that will stand out and get offers from them. The employment market in Luxembourg is consequently quite competitive.

How To Get A Job In Luxembourg From Nigeria

In summary, Nigerians can obtain work visas primarily through employment in Luxembourg, after which they can enter the country to reside and work.

If you are a highly qualified professional, you can obtain a job through a referral, having already made an impression on potential contacts in your sector.

But in order to advance economically or get the employment we desire, we don’t need to rely on fortuitous connections. Luxembourg is one of the countries where work possibilities might be presented through internet job sites.

Some of the online resources include:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Upwork
  5. Reed
  6. Blue Arrow
  7. Firefly Finance Recruiting
  8. Morgan Hunt
  9. Opus Professional Services Group
  10. nterQuest Group
  11. Stopgap
  12. Bond Recruitment

The first resource listed above- LinkedIn- is not altogether a recruitment website, but a social media platform where professionals can get social and engage with fellow professionals who work in similar fields.

This is a great place to showcase oneself and one’s talents, and ultimately gain more influence in his field of work.

The brightest stars will always shine, and then employers and colleagues will naturally want to work with them. If you have impressed your colleagues on this website, whenever job opportunities become available they will most likely invite you to fill these positions.

The other resources are websites where professionals can sign up, and then provide information about their skills and qualifications, so that they can be matched with companies that are looking to fill positions with people having their skills. The companies can then contact the professionals, to discuss terms of employment.

Some of the jobs that are available in Luxembourg include;

Top management jobs

Tech industry jobs

Finance jobs

Pharmaceuticals jobs (product design and development)

Engineering jobs (design and creation) and so on.

What You Need To Get Jobs In Luxembourg From Nigeria

The first thing you need is to be a highly qualified professional. Unlike other European countries that just need two or three years of work experience, Luxembourg needs to know that you are exceptionally talented; a top pick among your peers from anywhere in the world before you can be welcomed into the country.

Therefore, after getting the job offer, the next step is to present an employment contract for a highly qualified position. The job offer should be for the period of at least one year or more.

The professional should then provide some documents showing that he has the necessary qualifications. This includes academic qualifications, and evidence that shows he has the experience needed to work in such a high capacity. Please note that experience is quite important here, not just certificates and professional papers.

Another important determinant of whether or not the work permit will be granted is the salary one is offered. According to government regulations, highly qualified expatriates should be paid at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary (EUR 78,336 in 2019). Of course the employer already knows this, and so if they are really interested in hiring you, they will be sure to offer you a salary that passes the message strongly to the authorities that they value your skills and input in their company.

The employer must also give the Nigerian professional a signed contract; showing how much he will earn, and also offering compensation in case the job offer cannot be taken, perhaps due to the work visa being denied.

The application should be sent together with a copy of your valid passport, your proof of address, and a copy of a recent certificate of residence in Nigeria if necessary.

Important Things To Consider

Nigerian professionals have the option to ask their potential employers to submit the necessary paperwork on their behalf. This is the quickest method because they are more experienced with the procedure and have completed it several times.

With the exception of passports and academic credentials, which may accept photocopies, only original copies of the documentation will be accepted.

Applications must be completed in either English, French, or German. Fortunately, English is the most frequently spoken language in Nigeria and is also the national language, so Nigerians shouldn’t have any issues with this.

Make sure you submit all the required paperwork and finish the application procedure as instructed by the authorities. Communicate with potential employers to find out what more could be needed. Ensure that you respond to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ inquiries within a three-month period.

Conclusion: How To Get A Job In Luxembourg From Nigeria 2024

Luxemburg is a hub for highly skilled labourers who can infuse the nation with expertise and superior work ethics.

Because of this, before attempting to find out how to acquire a job in Luxembourg, one must first ensure that he is among the highly qualified individuals who will receive offers from businesses that are higher than those made to other applicants.

Online sites like the ones mentioned above can be used to locate such positions. The professional’s application and assistance in entering the country should thereafter be handled by the potential employers.

How To Get A Job In Luxembourg From Nigeria 2024 –

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