10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana and their Salaries 2024

Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana and their Salaries 2024

In this article, we will look at some of the highest paying jobs in Ghana and their salaries in 2024.

With things getting harder every day and the massive outpour of university graduates into the system, it is recommendable to glance through the list of jobs that pay a bit higher than what the average Ghanaian takes home in order to live that dream life.

Graduates who are qualified for the slots may apply because getting a good-paying job will enable them to live the decent life they deserve.

10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana and their Salaries 2024
10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana and their Salaries 2024

Some Of The Top Highest Paying Jobs and Their Salaries in Ghana in 2024 Are Below:

They are not arranged in order of salaries.

Accountant Manager

An accountant manager is one slot that fetches a big sum of money in companies. The accountant manager is responsible for the management of the movement of sales and the relationship between customers.

They are also responsible for analyzing data and the management of the company’s or organization’s financial data.

They are paid about GHC 73000. They have a great workload on their head and that explains the kind of salary they receive. Every company must have an accountant manager.

Surgeons and Doctors

Some good professions that pay a lot from the health sector are surgeons and doctors. Most people see these professions as hard to do because of how stressful and neck-breaking it takes to study a course in any of the aforementioned.

They also come across a lot of strange health conditions, but what they do not know is that, along with them, it is the good salary they receive that is making them live good and decent lives.

Their salaries range from GHC 10,200 to GHC 28,500.

Salaries of Judges in Ghana

When it comes to people who are close to the executive, you cannot go past the judges. They are an important arm of the government of Ghana.

The legal system is one important system that holds the government of Ghana in place. They guide the constitution, hear cases, and make sure that laws are not flouted.

They may not be armed, but they command respect in the country. We have also seen and heard about how rigorous legal education is in Ghana. This may explain their remuneration. They receive about GHC 8,550 to 23,900 as a monthly salary.

Salaries of Lawyers

After judges come lawyers. These two bodies are expected to liaise with each other to help bring rational charges on crimes according to the laws of the land.

One can say that they are the laws of the country. They are expected to keep clean of felonies that may make them lose their values in giving out their all. They are paid between GHC 6,920 and GHC 19,400.

Bank Managers

We have heard of Bank Managers and almost every child growing up would like to be one. They are responsible for the overall performance of the bank. Their salaries range between GHC 6,520 and 18,200.

Chief Executive Officers

This is another job position that earns most of its workers’ good lives and salaries. These are the people who make sure that all angles of the company are working and functioning well.

It is almost like they have the company on their heads. No wonder their salaries range between GHC6, 110, and 17,100.

College Professors

The backbone of Ghana’s economy is its education system.

Even though it is known that less income or money is put into those who ensure that good and quality education is delivered, it must also be noted that professors in higher tertiary institutions receive convincingly high amounts of money, which is a bit encouraging. They are paid between GHC 4,890 and 13,700.


This is not a well-known profession, but one that pays a lot. These people specialize in the health of the jaw and teeth.

Just like the dentist, orthodontists also do work like the dentist but do way more than them. They are paid between GHC 5,500 to GHC 15,400.


Piloting is not a common job here in Ghana but those found in that profession are earning quite a good amount.

They ensure we take our flights within the country and overseas. Their salary is between GHC 4,070 and 11,400.

Marketing Directors

The health of a country’s economy shows the welfare of its citizens that is why marketing directors are there to make sure that there is a constant movement of sales to ensure that a company lives on.

They earn between GHC3,670, and 10,300.

If you are fortunate enough to land yourself in any of these jobs in Ghana in these trying times, then you are good at living your dream life.

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